Hello. I'm Duncan.

These are my suicide notes.

This is my book. It is an autobiographical novel based on the poems I wrote battling depression; finding happiness and being diagnosed with brain cancer.

This is not a self-help book. Depression took me to the brink of ending my own life. I coped by writing poetry.  I have had an unusual and unexpected life. I have learned lessons that can help others. My life’s purpose is to share my story, to shed a light on the darkest of minds and to use my freedom from myself for good.

There was a mystery that for years perplexed me. The more adult life became clear, I couldn’t see how you could do it and genuinely be happy with all the responsibility and a severe fantasy deficiency.

It became a real issue, I was sure I wouldn’t find a way through, but then I came to a conclusion that was undeniably true and I’m going to tell it to you. Let me know if you agree or if this is just me.

You can literally have cake for dinner if you like.

Now for the sake of your health you probably won’t, but i implore that you do! And wash it down with a coke.


- The Secret

Raw, brutal, honest, hopeful, funny and enlightening – this book is everything.

Duncan is brave to publish this book. To take your deepest emotions, put them on paper and then share them with the world to help others who have experienced his pain is truly inspiring. 

The twist at the end is unexpected and left me questioning myself, my life and my future.

Purchasing a copy of this book has a cumulative positive impact.

I don’t want anything. My joy comes from helping others, I do this by sharing my story and I invest the proceeds of this venture into that mission.